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Vitality defeat Mibr in semi-finals of Blast Premier Spring groups 2022, will face G2 in final

Team Vitality beat mibr 2-0 in first semi-final of Blast Premier Spring groups 2022. With this win Vitality now moves onto finals of first gauntlet where they will face G2 esports on Feb 5th.

Mibr still has hope to qualify for Spring Finals, they are now dropped down to lower bracket of first gauntlet and will play on Feb 6th against the looser of Vitality vs G2 in the lower final for qualification.

Vitality vs Mibr Blast Premier spring semi-final result-

Vitality were the heavy favourites going into this series and they showed everyone that why they are the better team. First map of the series was Dust 2 which Vitality won 16-10, second map was Inferno an was a complete domination. Vitality won Inferno 15-5 and took the series 2-0 without any struggle.

Vitality's super star player Zywoo was the mvp of series with 44kills and 1.55 rating. Vitality is looking impressive so far with this new roster, they added dupreeh, Magisk and Zonic (coach) after 2021 season an are now considered the contenders to be the world's best team.

Vitality will paly G2 on February 5th Saturday in upper final an qualification game for Balst Premier Spring Finals.


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