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Version1 launches all-female Valorant roster VersionX

Version1 launches all female valorant roster VersionX
VersionX female valorant roster

North American esports organization Version1 enters female esports scene, Version1 launches VersionX an all-female Valorant roster. The organisation announces this addition on Thursday, VersionX will compete in the American circuit of the Verizon VCT Game Changers.

Current VersionX female Valorant roster-

milk Kiara Makua - In game leader of team

rushhh Rachel Lynn Hang - Initiator, mostly plays Sova

Karra Katherine Lee - support for team, plays smoke and sage mostly

Natty Natalia Jackson - main duelist for team

Naomi Naomi Sauvola - Sentinel role in team

VersionX will be the fourth esports team for Version1 organization. They already had a COD, Valorant and Rocket league team.


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