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VCT Tokyo Masters Group Stage Final Results | VCT Masters Playoffs Teams

VCT Tokyo Masters group stage has ended with 8 teams qualifying for the playoffs. In total 8 teams participated in the group stage and 4 of them got eliminated, whereas the other four joined the top-seeded teams in the playoffs.

VCT Tokyo Master group stage final result

VCT Masters Tokyo: Day 4 results group stage

The final day of the group stage of VCT masters had two decider games. in group A, T1 faced EDG in a do-or-die match. EDG won the series 2-0, Fracture 13-4 and Haven 13-6. EDG Dominated this series and along with NRG qualified for the playoffs. From group A, Navi and T1 were eliminated.

In the group B decider game, DRX won 2-1 against FUT Esports, Bind 9-13, Fracture 13-8 and Haven 13-4. DRX along with EG are now qualified for the playoffs. FUT and Attacking Soul Esports were eliminated from group B of VCT Tokyo Masters.

VCT Tokyo Master Playoffs Team and Schedule

With the completion of the group stage, all the playoffs teams and matchups are decided.

Top-Seeded Teams

  • Liquid

  • Fnatic

  • LOUD

  • Paper Rex

Group qualified teams

  • EG

  • NRG

  • DRX

  • EDG

The playoffs will be of double elimination style. The playoffs will start on June 16th with the upper bracket quarterfinals.

June 16th

  • LOUD vs EG

  • Liquid vs EDG

June 17th

  • Paper Rex vs DRX

  • Fnatic vs NRG


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