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VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin playoffs starts today | VCT quarter finals schedule and results

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

VCT Stage 3 masters group stages have come to an end and the tournament will be moving into next stages. VCT Masters playoffs are starting today Friday, 8 teams will be playing each other for $700,000 grand prize pool and a direct spot to VCT 2021 Champions.

VCT Masters Berlin playoffs

Top two teams from each of 4 groups have been qualified to quarterfinals, all the 4 games will be played on Friday and will be best of 3 series. Playoffs will be single elimination which means there will be no lower bracket.

VCT quarterfinals teams and matchups-

8 teams, 3 from EMEA, 3 from North America, 1 from Korea and 1 from LATAM will be playing in playoffs and will represent their region. Sadly Japan, Brazil and South East Asia failed to qualify for playoffs and were eliminated from group stages.

Quarterfinal 1

  • Vision Strikers (A#1) vs Gambit (C#2)

Quarterfinal 2

  • G2 Esports (D#1) vs KRU (B#2)

Quarterfinal 3

  • 100T (C#1) vs Acend (A#2)

Quarterfinals 4

  • Envy (B#1) vs Sentinels (D#2)

All the 4 quarterfinals will be played on same day on Friday 17, September.

VCT Playoffs brackets -

The playoff brackets have been decided randomly, firstly all the #1 seeds from each group were randomly placed in 4 slots then the remaining 4 teams #2 seeds were randomly selected and were placed with the #1 seed. If the teams were from same group then the teams will be placed in opposite side of bracket in the empty slot.

The North American fans are pretty upset as all the 4 NA representatives are placed on the same side of the bracket and Envy and Sentinels will face each other in quarter finals. While this all was randomised it was still pretty unlucky for NA teams and fans.

VCT Stage 3 Master Berlin Prize Pool-

Berlin Masters has a grand prize pool of $700,000 and a direct spot to VCT 2021 Champions for the winner.

1st $225,000 Champions

2nd $125,000 375

3rd-4th $85,000 325

5th-8th $25,000 275

13th-15th $10,000 175- Paper Rex, ZETA DIVISION, Havan Liberty

DQ $10,000 175- Bren Esports


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