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VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland : Schedule, Matchups, Prize Pool and more

Valorant's biggest tournament The Iceland Masters is going to be started on 24th May. Masters 2 will be the first international valorant event as well as first proper lan event for valorant.

The schedule, first round matchups, prize pool all have been announced by riot as well as the location for VCT Masters 3 also have been disclosed to be in Berlin, Germany.

The game developers have released a rule book where they have made an attempt to run the community through all of the details, to be observed while during the tournament. You can check released Rule Book over here .

VCT Masters 2 Schedule-

Masters 2 will be a 7 day event from 24th May to 30th May.

  • May 24 (Day 1): 2 Play-in matches, 1 Upper round match.

  • May 25 (Day 2): 2 Upper Round 1 Matches.

  • May 26 (Day 3): 2 Lower Round 1 Matches, 1 Upper Round match i.e. the Semifinal.

  • May 27 (Day 4): 1 Upper Round two match (second semifinal), 2 Lower Round two matches.

  • May 28 (Day 5): One Upper Final match, Two Lower Round three matches.

  • May 29 (Day 6): One Lower Semifinal, Lower final matches.

  • May 30 (Day 7): Grand Finale (BO5)

VCT Masters 2 Teams-

10 teams from 7 regions will be participating in the VCT stage 2 Iceland Masters.

VCT Masters 2 Matchups and seeding draw-

After the organisers released the matchups all the fans were super confused as how the matchups were decide. Well it was pretty much completely randomized and the teams from same region were kept in different side of brackets.

All the games will be BO3 except the grand Final which will be of BO5 format.

VCT Masters 2 Prize Pool and Distribution-

The grand prize pool for the event will be of around $600,000 and will be distributed among all of the 10 participating teams.

  • 1st place (Champions) : $200,000

  • 2nd place : $100,000

  • 3rd place : $80,000

  • 4th place : $60,000

  • 5th-6th place : $40,000

  • 7th-8th place : $25,000

  • 9th-10th place : $15,000

VCT Masters 2 Health Protocols-

Riot clearly stated the rules, restrictions and protocols regarding the covid-19 issues in their Rule book. They stated that-

'Tournament Officials will have the right (prior to allowing any Team Member or other person to enter the venue) to check such person’s health by taking his or her temperature or otherwise taking steps to confirm that he or she is physically healthy. If, at any time prior to or during a Match, Tournament Officials determine that an individual is unhealthy and should not enter the venue, such individual will be denied entry and will be required to leave the venue immediately. If Tournament Officials determine that a player is unhealthy and should not participate in a Match, Tournament Officials may require the applicable Team to provide a Substitute.'

VCT Masters 2 : Where to watch-

The Masters 2 will be available to watch in English on Twitch on Valorant's official channel and on YouTube on Valorant Champions Tour's channel. Their will also be several official multi language streams on both platforms to watch.


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