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VCT Masters Day 3 Results | X10-CR, Sharks-KRU, SEN-Vikings

Updated: May 27, 2021

VCT Masters Day-3 featured 3 games X10 vs CR, Sharks vs KRU, Sen vs Vikings. While the game day 2 showed very close games between NA and EU, the day 3 games were all one sided. X10 esports, KRU, SEN took their series with a 2-0 score and a dominant fashion.

X10 vs Crazy Racoon Result Game 1 -

The Thai squad X10 esports took on Japanese roster Crazy Racoon in the lower bracket elimination game where x10 dominated the series and took it 2-0.

Map 1 Haven-

X10 picked Haven as their map pick and convincingly took it with a score of 13-9. Patiphan had 24 frags for X10 which was highest in this map.

Map 2 Icebox-

Crazy Racoon picked icebox as their map pick but had no answer agains x10's aggression. X10 took this map 13-5, Sushiboys top fragged this map with 20 kills.

X10 esports will now face Fnatic in lower bracket round 2 game whereas Crazy Racoon are eliminated from Masters 2


Sharks vs KRU result Game 2 -

Brazilian roster Sharks took on Latin American roster KRU in second lower bracket elimination game. While the KRU struggled on day 1 of masters, they showed everyone why they are here and eliminated Sharks 2-0 from the Masters 2.

Map 1 Icebox-

KRU picked Icebox and showed us why by dominating whole map and took it 13-5 in a dominant fashion. bnj top fragged for them with 18 kills but it was a combined team effort.

Map 2 Bind-

Sharks picked Bind as their pick but also struggled on this map. KRU took this map 13-6 with the 19 kills of both Mazino and delz1k.

KRU will face Team Liquid in lower bracket round 2 matchup, whereas Sharks have been eliminated from masters 2.


Sentinels vs Vikings result game 3 -

North American super squad Sentinels took on Brazilian no. 1 roster Vikings in upper bracket semifinals as last game of the day 3. But as all the series of day 3 it was also a quick 2-0 for Sentinels.

Map 1 Icebox-

Team Vikings pick Icebox as their map pick. Vikings showed a good attacking side but failed to stop Sentinels attack and fall short to them. Sentinels took this map 13-7 behind ShahZaM's 21 kills.

Map 2 Haven-

Sentinels choose Haven for their map pick and dominated from start, they took it 13-6 with the help of Tenz's 21 kills.

Sentinels are now in the Upper bracket Finals where they will face winner of the game between V1 and Nuturn. Team Vikings are now dropped in lower bracket where they will face winner of matchup between Team Liquid and KRU.


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