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Valorant new skins RGX 11Z PRO, Valorant leaks and updates

Riot are launching a brand new skin bundle in Valorant. The new bundle will be called RGX 11Z PRO and will feature skins for 5 weapon and will be coming in game on Wednesday October 6th. The bundle will cost 8700VP and will have a brand new kill tracker feature, this kill tracker will not be lifetime this will count kills by the skin for a particular game.

Valorant new RGX 11Z PRO skins -

The new skin bundle will have skins for 5 weapons

  • Katana sword (melee weapon)

  • Vandal

  • Guardian

  • Stinger

  • Frenzy

These skins will come in 4 colour variants-

  • Green (Default)

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Yellow

Also the skin lights will change colour during inspection. The skins will have 5 upgrade levels instead of regular 4 levels. A brand new upgrade and feature has been added to game, the kill tracker, This feature is similar to counterstrike's stat track but this will not track life time kills but only the kills for a single game by this skin.

The bundle will also feature a knife skin which will be a Katana sword with different animations of regular sword in valorant. The character will pick and use the sword back handed, also the pull out animation for sword is different then regular.


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