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Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs begins | Group stage finished VCT 2023

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

The Valorant Champions 2023 playoffs are starting on August 17th, final 8 teams remaining for a 2.25 million USD prize pool and the title of Valorant World Champions 2023. The group stage of VCT Champions is completed and out of 16 teams, half got eliminated whereas the other half qualified for playoffs.

Valorant Champions playoffs results and schedule

VCT Champions Playoffs

The Valorant Champions 2023 will be double elimination bracket, all 8 qualified teams start playoff from the upper bracket quarterfinals. Here are all of the 8 teams which made it to the playoffs.

  • Paper Rex

  • Evil Geniuses

  • Fnatic

  • DRX

  • EDward Gaming

  • FUT Esports

  • bilibili Gaming

  • LOUD

All the playoff games will be a best-of-3 series except the grand finals which will be a 5 game series and will be played on August 27th, Sunday.

Valorant Champion Payoffs Schedule and Matchups

The playoffs of Valorant Champions 2023 start on August 17th with the upper bracket quarterfinals.

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals-

  • Fnatic vs LOUD

  • Paper Rex vs FUT Esports

  • DRX vs bilibili gaming

  • EG vs EDward Gaming

The winners will move onwards to the upper bracket semi-finals whereas losing teams will face each other in the lower bracket round 1 elimination games.


Valorant Champions 2023 Group Stage Final Result

The group stage of Valorant Champions had 4 groups of 4 teams each. From each group top 2 teams qualified for the playoffs, whereas the bottom 2 teams got eliminated.

Group A

Paper Rex won two consecutive games to qualify as the top seed from Group A on the other hand KRU Esports lost both of their games and got eliminated. In the decider game, EDward Gaming defeats the Giants to qualify for the playoffs.

Group B

Evil Geniuses won Group B to qualify for playoffs as the top seed, FPX got eliminated without winning a single game. In the deciding game, FUT Esports beat T1 to qualify for the playoffs.

Group C

Fnatic dominated their group and qualified for the playoffs of Valorant Champions as the favorites. In the deciding game, bilibili Gaming upsets the NRG to qualify for the playoffs. NRG along with ZETA Division got eliminated from the group stage.

Group D

Group D was the group of death, DRX won this group and LOUD also managed to qualify for the playoffs. Both EMEA teams, NAVI and Liquid got eliminated from group stages.

Valorant Champions 2023: Leaderboard and Prizepool

The 2023 Valorant Champions has a prize pool of $2.25 million and the winner will win a million from it.



$USD prize














DRX, EDward Gaming



FUT, bilibili



Giants, T1, NRG, Navi



KRU, FPX, ZETA, Liquid



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