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Valorant Champions 2021 Day 1 Results and Day 2 Schedule | VCT Champions score

Valorant Champions has officially begun. The opening day of valorant Champions 2021 had 3 series of group stages. Vision Strikers, Vikings and Fnatic won their respective group stage games.

Valorant Champions 2021 results and schedule

Valorant's first ever world championship is hosted by Berlin, Germany and will be played from Dec 1st to Dec 12th. The Arena, production and style is exactly similar to that of VCT stage 3 Berlin Masters. The Valorant Championship did not have any live crowd and audience due to covid protocols.


Valorant Champions 2021 Day 1 Results-

The opening series of the Champions was in between Korea's Vision Strikers and SEA's Full Sense (Thailand), it was a group D game. Vision Strikes dominated this series and defeat Full Sense 2-0 ( 13-5 Haven, Breeze 13-5). VS will now face Fnatic on Day 3 for qualification in playoffs and Full Sense will face Cloud9 in elimination game on Day 5 (December 5th)

In Second series of the day Japan's Crazy Racoon faced Brazil's Team Vikings. This was another fast series as Viking won 2-0 with a score of 13-9 on Icebox and 13-8 on Haven. Vikings will now play qualification game whereas CR will play elimination game. These matchups and games will be decided after the game in between Gambit and Secret on Day 2, Thursday.

Fnatic bs cloud 9 valorant Champions result

Final day of the series was the without a doubt the best and most awaited series of the day. It was a classic NA vs EU matchup in between Fnatic and Cloud9. Map 1 was Icebox and Fnatic won in 13-11 in an insane match. Map 2 was Split and Cloud 9 won it in an another insnae map 13-11. Cloud 9 were down 7-11 at one point but win 6 straight rounds to win the Split. Final and decider map was Fracture. This was first ever fracture game in a valorant tournament. After doen 6-12 Cloud 9 forced obertime but failed to convert that momentum into map victory. In the end Fnatic won 14-12 and took the series 2-1.

Valorant Champions Day 2 Schedule -

The second day of the Champions will also have 3 series and some big names will play on day 2. The day 2 will start from 15:00 CET on December 2nd, Thursday.

  • Gambit vs Secret - 15:00 CET

  • Sentinels vs Furia - 18:00 CET

  • KRÜ vs Team Liquid - 21:00 CET


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