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Tundra Esports wins TI11 | Dota 2 International 2022 Final Results

Tundra Esports are the Dota 2 TI11 champions. Tundra beat Team Secret 3-0 in the grand finals and secured the Dota 2 world championship. Tundra Esports won $8.5 million from a 19 million USD prize pool.

Tundra win Dota 2 TI11, beat secret in grand finals

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Tundra vs Secret TI11 Grand Final Results

The final day of TI11 had two games, first the lower bracket final and then the Grand Finals.

Earlier on the final day, Secret and Liquid played each other in the lower bracket final. Secret won 2-1 to secure their spot and rematch in the grand finals. Secret and Tundra faced each other once in the upper bracket final where Tundra won 2-1 to move onto the grand finals.

The grand finals of TI11 was a best-of-5 series. Tundra dominated the grand finals and won 3-0 against Team Secret. Tundra dominated this entire International and didn't lose a single series.

Tundra secured top seed in the group stage and dominated their way through the upper bracket of playoffs to eventually win the TI11. Tundra Esports put themselves on the Dota 2 map around 2 years ago and now they are the face of the Dota 2 scene. All 5 of the Tundra players are first time International champions and won in their debut as a team.

Europe dominates TI11 - Top 3 teams from WEU

Western Europe after the The International 2022 has cemented itself as the undisputed best region in Dota 2. Among the 20 teams in TI11 6 of them were from Western Europe. All these teams secured at least a top 12 finish, 4 of them finished within the top 8. But the most impressive thing was that the top 3 teams of TI11 were all from Western Europe- Tundra, Secret and Liquid.

The teams of WEU were only got eliminated by teams from WEU. None of the other regions was able to eliminate them.

TI11 Standing: TI11 leaderboard and prizepool

The Dota 2 International 2022 had 20 teams competing for the title of the best team of Dota 2. The International 11 has a 19 million USD prizepool which will be divided among all 20 teams.


Tundra Esports



Team Secret



Team Liquid



Team Aster



PSG.LGD, Thunder Awaken



beastcoast, OG



Evil Geniuses, BOOM Esports, Entity, Gaimin Gladiators



Hokori, Team Spirit, Fnatic, RNG



Soniqs, Talon Esports



TSM, BetBoom Team


TI 11 Predictions and Betting

The International 2022 LCQ started on October 8th with Last Chance Qualifiers and the main event will begin on October 15th. All the games will be available to bet on BetUS. Check out BetUS and get bonus credit for the entire Dota 2 The International 2022.


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