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Tenstar, Giants, Alliance and Vitality qualified for VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2 main event Europe

Europe VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2 closed qualifiers came to an end as Tenstar, Giants gaming , Alliance and Team Vitality qualifies for main event. They will now be joining other 4 teams- Fnatic, Liquid, BDS and RiX.GG Thunder in main event of challengers 2. These 8 teams will compete for final 2 Europe spots in Challengers Playoffs and a chance to continue their road to Berlin masters.

Tenstar and Giants Gaming qualified from the upper bracket as they didn't dropped single series in closed qualifiers and cruised their way to main event. Whereas Alliance and Vitality qualified from lower bracket.

Tenstar defeated Team Heretics in upper bracket final 2-0 (Icebox 13-10 , Breeze 13-3) to qualify for main event. Giants Gaming beat Alliance in second upper bracket final 2-0 (Icebox 16-14 , Bind 13-11) in an intense and epic series. Giants didn't even dropped a single map in this closed qualifiers and dominated through whole way.

After loosing in upper bracket finals, Alliance beat BIG 2-0 (Icebox 13-9 , Ascent 13-9) in lower bracket finals to reach main event of challengers 2. In other lower bracket finals Team Vitality beat Team Heretics 2-0 (Breeze 13-2 , Icebox 13-9) to secure the finals spot in main event of challengers 2.

VCT Europe Stage 3 Challengers 2 main event-

After these closed qualifiers 8 team will now face each other in main event of challengers 2 where they will compete for final 2 spots from Europe in EMEA challengers playoffs. Four teams are already qualified from Europe for challengers playoffs- Acend, G2 esports, Guild and FunPlus phoenix. 2 teams from these 8 teams will have a chance to join them in Challengers Playoffs and continue their road to Berlin Masters.

Teams in Challengers 2 main event-

8 teams competing in challengers 2 are:

The Challengers 2 main event will start on 28th July and will end on 1 August. Top 2 teams will qualify for Challenges Playoffs, the main event will have a total prize pool of €35,000.


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