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Team Spirit beat Team Empire to qualify for TI 10 | TI 10 Qualifiers

Team Spirit became the final Eastern Europe team to qualify for TI 10 as they beat Team Empire 3-2 in finals of the EEU TI 10 Qualifiers. The CIS roster is now part of the biggest esports event in all of world The International 10 which has a whooping 40 million USD prize pool.

The final series was an epic 5 game brawl between 2 CIS rosters and had many comebacks an long games. After trailing by 1-0 and 2-1 the Team Spirit managed to comeback in the grand finals and win the EEU qualifiers.

Team Spirit were the favourites to win the EEU qualifiers and they proved it so. They complete their upper bracket run as they didn't dropped any series.

As for Team Empire they almost completed there epic Cinderella run from lower bracket. They were placed in lower bracket as they were a part of lower division of EEU DPC series. They beat many top tier teams like Navi and Team Unique to reach the gran finals where the almost win it all. After 3 games in gran finals they had a series lead of 2-1 but they failed to convert it into series win and lost 2-3 in the end.

Team Spirit Dota 2 Roster-

Yatoro Illya Mulyarchuk

TORONTOTOKYO Alexander Khertek

Collapse Magomed Khalilov

Miroslaw Miroslaw Kolpakov

Miposhka Yaroslav Naidenov


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