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Team Liquid wins VCT EMEA LCQ and qualified for VCT Champions 2022

Team Liquid beat M3C 3-1 in the grand finals of VCT EMEA Last chance qualifiers. Team Liquid with this win became the last team from EMEA region to qualify for the VCT 2022 Champions.

VCT EMEA LCQ results - Liquid wins over M3c

Team Liquid vs M3C VCT EMEA LCQ grand finals Results

Team Liquid and M3C faced each other in the grand finals of VCT EMEA last chance qualifiers. This was a rematch of the upper bracket finals where M3C beat Liquid 2-1 to reach grand finals. Team Liquid than won 2-1 against G2 esports in the lower final to secure their rematch against M3C in the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals was a best of 5 series, M3C won the first map Bind 13-8. From their Team liquid's star duo of Scream and Jamppi took over the series and help team liquid to win 3 maps in a row. Team Liquid won Icebox 13-11, Ascent 13-6 and Breeze 13-8 and won the grand finals 3-1.

Team Liquid now joins FPX and Fnatic in the VCT 2022 Champions as the EMEA's representative. The 2022 Valorant Championship will be held in Istanbul and will start on September 2nd.


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