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Talon Esports enter Dota 2 | Fly leaves EG and joins Talon

Honk Kong based esports organisation Talon Esports enters pro Dota 2 scene by signing a new roster led by 'FLY'. Talon Esports will be competing in South East Asia region and has potential to be one of the best team in SEA. Talon Esport's Dota 2 team will most likely establish their boot camp in Philippines.

talon Esports Dota 2 roster led by Fly

Talon Esports Dota 2 roster -

Talon Esports along with Fly signs former players of TNC Predator and Boom esports.

  • Gabbi Kim Villafuerte 1

  • Mikoto Rafli Fathur Rahman 2

  • kpii Damien Chok 3

  • Hyde Brizio Adi Putra Budiana 4

  • Fly Tal Aizik 5 (captain)


Fly leaves EG Dota 2, signs with Talon Esports-

In this hectic off season there is yet another big roster change, support player and captain of Evil Geniuses left their team and join SEA's Talon Esports. Tal 'Fly' Aizik was part of EG for more than three years he signed with EG in May of 2018 in an historic roster change leaving OG esports.

This off season is highly busy as many major teams are going under massive roster changes and are rebuilding. After OG and Secret its is looking like EG will also change their roster. Fly has already left EG and there are many rumours that iceiceice will also leave EG. According to some rumours Jerax might join EG, but this is highly unlikely.


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