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Sentinels lost their first series on International LAN | G2 defeat Sen in VCT Masters 3 Berlin

North American powerhouse Sentinels lost their first ever series on International LAN event and on any VCT Masters event. G2 esports defeat them 2-0 in group D game of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin, with this win G2 secured the #1 seed from group D and will face KRU esports from LATAM in playoffs. Whereas Sentinels will face their regional team ENVY in quarterfinals.

G2 beat Sentinels in VCT berlin Masters

This was the rematch between both the teams and was becoming a rivalry going into the Masters Berlin. Both these teams were meming and taunting each other constantly on social media, mainly on twitter. G2 was also the first team which took a map from Sentinels on LAN, in their first matchup Sentinels won 2-1 but G2 managed to do take away a map from them, which was never done before on international level.

Sentinels vs G2 result VCT Masters Berlin-

Sentinels and g2 faced each other in a rematch of Group D. Both teams were already qualified for playoffs and were fighting for 1 seed from group D.

G2 picked Icebox and Sentinels picked Split, Bind was the decider map. G2 dominated and destroyed Sentinels on Icebox and won 13-3, their star Jett player Keloqz dominated Sen and had 23 kills with just 5 deaths and 376 ACS.

Map 2 Split, G2 came out strong again and lead the first half 8-4. Sentinels then had an incredible start to second half and managed to comeback in the game but G2 break their streak and momentum and won the map 13-11. Avova had the most kills 26.


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