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Sentinels and Knights eliminated from VCT NA Stage 1 Challengers 2022

The first round of VCT NA Challengers 2022 has been ended, Sentinels and Knights are the first two teams to be eliminated from playoffs. These teams are now out of race to qualify for VCT Stage 1 Masters in Iceland. The lower bracket round 2 of playoffs will be played on

Valorant Na challengers playoffs result, sentinels eliminated

Last years NA number 1 seed and Masters 1 winner had faced an early exit in 2022 VCT stage 1. This season Sentinels looked a bit unorganised and less glued together, the lack of coach can be considered one of the reason for that. As for the Knights they are keep ion establishing themselves as a top tier name in North American Valorant scene. These teams finished BA Challengers with a 7th-8th place finish, $10,000 USD and 40 VCT circuit points.

VCT NA Challengers playoffs record -

After the groups stages, top 4 teams from each group moved onto playoffs of stage 1 VCT NA Challengers. In the upper bracket quarterfinals Cloud9, Optic, Luminosity and Guard won their series to move onto upper bracket semi-finals whereas XSET, Knights, Sentinels and Version 1 dropped down to looser bracket after loosing.

Valorant NA Challengers playoffs result 2022

In lower bracket elimination games XSET beat Knights 2-0 (Split 13-8 an Breeze 13-7) and in the other elimination game Sentinels lost 1-2 to Version 1 (Haven 13-7, Ascent 9-13 and Fracture 8-13).

In upper bracket semi-finals Optic defeat Cloud 9 2-1, Haven 14-12, Fracture 5-13 and Ascent 13-8. In second semi-final Guard beat Luminosity 2-0, Bind 13-10 and Icebox 13-5. Optic and Guard will now face each other in upper bracket final and the winner will qualify for the VCT Stage 1 Masters. Luminosity and Cloud 9 are now dropped down in lower bracket where they will face XSET and V1 in an elimination series.

VCT Stage 1 Masters 2022 will be the first international event in which Sentinels will not be playing, they were the champions of last years Reykjavik Masters. The Master 1 will being from April 10th, 12 teams from around the world will compete in Iceland masters.


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