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PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: Playoffs Schedule and Results

The CS2 PGL Major has reached its playoffs stage and the final 8 teams remain competing for the 1.25 million USD prize pool. The playoffs of the PGL Copenhagen Major will start on March 29th with the quarterfinals.

PGL major playoffs, quarterfinal schedule

PGL Copenhagen Major Playoffs

PGL Major Playoff Schedule

The playoffs will start on March 29th with quarterfinals. The playoffs will be single elimination with best of 3 series except in the grand finals which will be played on Sunday march 31st.

Quarterfinals Matchups

  • Team Spirit vs Faze Clan

  • Team Vitality vs Cloud 9

  • Eternal Fire vs Navi

  • Mouz vs G2 Esports

Playoffs Teams

Team Spirit and Mouz continue their CS2 journey on a high nod, as both of them qualified for the playoffs without losing any series. Eternal Fire and Cloud 9 were the only teams from the opening stage that managed to qualify for the playoffs.

  • Team Spirit

  • Mouz

  • Eternal Fire

  • Cloud 9

  • Team Vitality

  • Natus Vincere

  • G2 Esports

  • Faze Clan

PGL Major Results 2024

Opening Stage

The PGL Major started with 24 teams in total, of those 8 were higher seeds and were directly placed in the elimination stage (round 2). The remaining 16 teams first faced each other in the opening round in a 16 team swiss system, i.e. first to win 3 games move on.

From the opening round these 8 teams qualified for second stage-

  • Heroic

  • Cloud 9

  • Eternal Fire

  • Ecstatic

  • paiN gaming

  • Imperial Esports

  • The Mongolz

  • Furia Esports

These teams joined the other 8 higher seed teams in the elimination stage.

Elimination Stage

The second phase of PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 was for deciding the 8 teams qualifying for the playoffs. The 16 teams played each other in the Swiss system, where the teams to win 3 games first before losing 3 move on to the playoffs.

The elimination stage was dominated by the higher seeds. Out of 8 teams qualifying for the playoffs, 6 of them were the higher seeds.


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