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PGL Major 2022 American qualifiers final result

PGL Antwerp Major qualifiers for America has completed. Six teams from North and South America qualified for first the first Major of 2022. South America dominated these qualifiers, 4 out of 6 teams are from South America whereas 2 teams are from NA.

  • FURIA - Legends Status

  • MIBR - Challenger Status

  • Imperial Esports - Challengers Status

  • Complexity - Contender Status

  • Team Liquid - Contender Status

  • 9z Team - Contender Status

PGL Antwerp Major 2022 America RMR and qualifiers result

*PGL Antwerp Major 2022 will begin on May 9th and will have a 1 million USD prize pool.

PGL Major 2022: American RMR result-

A total of 16 teams compete in the American regional major rankings. A total of 6 spots were reserved for the American region in the PGL Antwerp Major - 1 Legend, 2 Challengers and 3 contenders. The tournament was played according to 'Buchholz system', in simple words - you win 3 you move on, you lose 3 you are out.

Brazil's Furia and MIBR went 3-0 to tie for first place and went in the tiebreaker. Imperial with 3-1 record and better Buchholz score secured a third-place finish and qualified for Major as Challenger. Team Liquid and Complexity qualified for Major as Contenders with a 3-1 record.

Evil Geniuses, Pain and 9z were placed 6th-8th and needed to play a three-way tiebreaker to decide the final Contender from America. In the 6th place tiebreaker, Pain gaming was higher seed and was placed in the final. In the first game 9z beat Evil Geniuses 2-1, Nuke 16-11, Inferno 12-16 and Overpass 16-14 and moved on to face pain gaming in the decider series. 9z won 2-0 in a close series (Mirage 16-11 and Dust II 19-17) and became the final team from America to qualify for PGL Antwerp Major.

In the tiebreaker for first place, Furia dominated MIBR 2-0, Nuke 16-9 and Overpass 16-4. Furia became the American #1 seed and qualified for Major as Legends, MIBR qualified as Challengers.


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