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NIP won IEM Fall Europe, qualified for PGL Major Stockholm

Nip won IEM Fall Europe, defeat ENCE in grand finals

Swedish team NIP defeat ENCE 3-1 in grand finals of IEM Season 16 - Fall Europe. With this win NIP secured first spot in Europe regional major rankings and qualified for PGL Stockholm Major as Legends.

ENCE also qualified for PGL major as Challengers. NiP won $27,500 USD and ENCE took $17,500 UISD from $105,000 USD grand prize pool. Dev1ce won the tournament MVP award. This was dev1ce's first tournament win with NiP.

NIP vs ENCE IEM Fall grand finals result-

Ninjas in Pyjamas had a flawless run in Intel Extreme Masters Fall season 16, they were unbeatable whole event and didn't dropped a single series in group stages and playoffs. They defeat ENCE convincingly with a score of 3-1 in BO5 grand finals.

Map 1 was Overpass, NiP's pick and they took it convincingly with a score of 16-8. ENCE then answered back by defeating NiP Mirage 16-7 on ENCE's map pick and tied the

series 1-1.

Map 3 was Ancient, NiP's pick. ENCE was dominating Nip on Ancient and were leading 13-7 at one point. But NiP then pulled off an insane comeback to win the map 16-14 and gain a 2-1 lead in BO5 series. Map 4 was Nuke and was one sided in favour of NiP. They won the final map 16-6 and won the grand finals 3-1,

NIP vs ENCE IEM fall grand final result

PGL Stockholm Major qualified European Team-

A total of 11 European team qualified for PGL Stockholm Major as per their standing ion regional major ranking leaderboard. PGL major will start from October 26 and has a

$2 million USD grand prize pool.

Legend Status-

Challengers Status

Contender Status-


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