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NiP vs Anonymo : Device debut for NiP

Polish CSGO roster Anonymo esports spoiled dev1ce debut for NiP as they beat Nip 2-1 in Flashpoint Season 3 Upper Bracket Round 1. After making an historic trade for Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz from Astralis, CSGO fans were super excited to see dev1ce debut for NiP. While it was not clear but the transfer fee was rumoured to be around 1M USD.

NiP vs Anonymo map picks and scores-

The first map picked by NiP was Overpass and the result was pure domination by NiP. They took their map pick by a score of 16-3. In this map dev1ce had KAD of 17-8-8 and an top ADR of 108.8. ztr had the highest kills (20) in overpass.

Anonymo picked their most played, practiced and successful map NUKE. This time story and result both were different, it was a nail biter till the end in which Anonymo came out on top and took their map pick with a final score of 16-13. While dev1ce again had an good game with 23 kills, but a combined team effort from the Polish squad help them secure their map pick as 4 of their players had 20+ kills.

The decider map was mirage and it was a shock for the analysts as well as dev1ce fans, as he had not played a single pro game on Mirage in last 2 years. It was another nail biter as this map went in OT where Anonymo win 19-17 and complete the upset over NiP.

Nip drop downed in lower bracket and Anonymo esports move to round 2 of upper bracket where they will face winner of FunPlus Phoenix and Hyenas.


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