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NBK joins Mouz Csgo roster, acor benched from Mousesports

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Mouz has completed their CSGO esports roster by signing Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt. Mousesports also signed torzsi from their Mouz NXT roster. Both these new players will be replacing acor and ropz.

NBK join mousesports csgo team.

No one expected this move as in mid 2021 NBK announce that he will be retiring from CSGO after leaving OG esports. He also hinted that he might enter Valorant esports to begin his new career. But after taking break from competitive scene he again has entered the CSGO scene.

NBK is a 27 year old French CSGO player and is considered on of the best from French csgo scene. Well it is not a doubt that NBK is past his prime but he will bring a veteran presence into the team to lead the young talents of Mouz, players like Frozen, Bymas and Torzsi are the players with great potential and these players will need leadership of NBK. Dexter will be the IGL of the team.

Mousesports had struggled this previous after Karrigan left their team. Now their star player Ropz has also left and joined Karrigan in Faze clan. These roster changes will bring a lot of pressure on Mouz to perfrom well in the 2022 season.


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