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Navi won Blast Premier World Final 2021 | Navi vs Gambit result Blast Final

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Navi defeat Gambit 2-1 in the grand finals to win the title of Blast Premier World Final 2021. World number one Navi defended their Blast World Final title as they won the 2020 global finals also. Navi won $500K USD for winning Blast global final.

Navi won blast premier world final 2021.

Navi had an insane run after loosing in the opening game of the tournament against Liquid, they were dropped down to lower bracket. Navi won 5 straight series in this lower bracket run to become the Blast Premier World Champion. Earlier on the final day Navi played Vitality in lower bracket finals, Navi won 2-0 and moved onto grand finals to face their regional rivals Gambit.

Navi vs Gambit Blast Premier World Final results-

Gambit and Navi went head to head in the last grand finals of the 2021. This was the final and main event of Blast premier 2021 season and final big CSGO tournament of 2021.

Map 1 was Mirage where Gambit won 16-11 to take a 1-0 lead in BO3 series. Navi then tied the series by winning Ancient 16-11 and forced the final and decider map. Last map was Inferno and was completely one sided, After a strong first half Navi closed out the map 16-6 and won the series 2-1. S1mple was named the tournament MVP with 1.52 KD ratio and 1.42 rating.

This year was insane for the Navi squad as they won 4 straight LAN tournaments in the later part of 2021. Navi won their first Major and also became the number 1 team in the world this year. B1t had one of the best rookie year ever in CSGO esports history as he won all 4 of the LAN event he played in. Navi was also the winner of fall finals whereas Gambit had the fall final title.

Blast Premier World Final 2021 prizepool-

blast primer world final 2021 prize pool and winner

The global final had a grand prize pool of 1 million USD which is distributed among all 8 participating teams. The champions Navi too the major chunk of that prize pool as they won $500,000 USD.


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