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Navi will face G2 in Grand Finals of PGL Major today | PGL major results

PGL Stockholm Major's final phase has arrived, Navi and G2 esports are the final two team standing. The Grand Finals will be played on November 7th at 20:00 CET in AVICII Arena, Stockholm. The winner of Stockholm Major will win 1 millions USD and a direct spot in Blast Premier World Finals.

Navi vs G2 PGL major final day

G2 beat Heroic in an insane semi final series 2-1 to secure a spot in Grand finals whereas NAVI destroyed Gambit 2-0 in second semi finals to qualify for grand finals of PGL major. Heroic and Gambit ended their Major run with a 3rd-4th place finish and won $140,000 each.

Before the final series of the Major there will be a show match between Team Get_Right and Copenhagen flames at 18:00 CET.

Niko vs S1mple in grand finals of PGL Major-

This Major final will feature not only two of the best player of this major but also of the entire world. All eyes will be on these two legends as Niko and s1mple will go head to head to finally win a major title. CS:GO fans are super excited for this finals as one of these superstars will finally win a CSGO Major.

S1mple and Niko are currently in one of the best forms o their career and are playing like a god for their teams. There is also an individual fight going on in between these two legends for the MVP of PGL Major. S1mpel currently has a 1.46 rating in 8 maps whereas Niko is at a 1.42 rating in 9 maps played.


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