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Navi Won DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Grand Final | Navi vs gambit Finals Result

Natus Vincere took the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 title by clean sweeping Gambit in the grand final. It was 3-0 dominating win for Natus Vincere squad to first time win the DreamHack title. This CIS derby final was a one sided affair with the NAVI coming out on top of it.

Gambit was looking unstoppable in this whole tournament and also defeated Navi in the Group A upper division finals. Gambit was dominating this online era of csgo and were or still considered the most consistent team from past year. The Hltv world no. 1 Gambit also reached the finals of ESL Pro League Season 13 where they fall short too Heroic in the Grand Finals.

On the other hand the Navi roster was struggling to find consistency and good results in big tournaments and were facing early exits. Their star player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev himself said that he was having some doubts with this roster due to their recent failure.

But in DreamHack masters spring 2021 Navi looked Impressive and s1mpel dominated the whole tournament to lead Navi to the title of their first DreamHack.

Map 1 Overpass-

Overpass was picked by Gambit and they were unstoppable on this map in their recent performances. But no one expected that Navi will destroy them on their own map pick. Navi took this map 16-7 behind s1mple's 23 kill and a whooping 1.71 rating.

Map 2 Dust 2-

Navi picked their most familiar map Dust 2 in response of Gambit. They looked pretty sharp from the round 1 on Dust 2 and despite of gambit's late overcome attempt they took map 2 with score of 16-12. Both s1mple and electronic had an monster performance of 28 kills each for Gambit Hobbit had 23 kills.

Map 3 Train-

Gambit's 2nd pick train become the last map of this tournament. Navi took this map 16-12 and completed the clean sweep over gambit in grand final. Electronic dominated Train with 31 kills.

Navi took the 100,000$ grand prize , where as gambit took 42,000$ for their 2nd position.

The 3rd position Heroic and G2 esports took 20,000$ each with them.


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