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Navi reverse swept Gambit to win StarLadder CIS RMR

Navi won the second StarLadder CIS RMR of 2021 by defeating Gambit 3-2 in grand finals. Hltv world rank #1 Gambit and #2 Navi faced each other in grand finals and showed us why they are the top 2 teams of the CS:GO and gave us an epic finals to watch.

As per the format Gambit had 1 map advantage in grand finals i.e. the grand final started with a 1-0 score advantage for Gambit as they reached the Grand Finals from upper brackets. Despite this advantage and winning second map Gambit failed to convert a 2-0 lead into the win and got reverse swept b Navi 2-3.

This was Navi's third championship this year. They will now be competing in IEM Cologne along with Gambit which will be starting on 6th July (Play ins) and for Navi 8th July (group Stages).

Playoff stages-

In this tournament Navi and gambit face each other 3 times. In both group stages and upper bracket of playoffs Gambit won 2-1 but when it matters the most Navi defeat their regional rivals to win the tournament.

StarLadder CIS RMR Prizepool-

$100,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:

1st place: NAVI — $ 40 000 + 2 000 RMR-points

2nd place: Gambit Esports — $ 15 000 + 1 875 RMR-points

3rd place: Team Spirit — $ 12 000 + 1 750 RMR-points

4th place: K23 — $ 10 000 + 1 625 RMR-points

5th place: forZe — $ 7 000 + 1 500 RMR-points

6th place: Entropiq — $ 5 000

7–8th places: Nemiga Gaming, 100PingGods — $ 3 000 each

9–10th places: Akuma, — $ 2 500 each


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