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NAVI releases documentary on s1mple | NAVI celebrates 5 years with s1mple

Navi releases documentary "s1mple formula — 5 years with NAVI" on their 23 year old superstar player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev. Navi decides to celebrate their 5 year of success with s1mple by releasing this documentary and announced it around a month ago.

In this documentary the entire esports career of s1mple is shown, how he became the world's best player from a toxic kid. s1mple caught everyone's eye in 2013, at that time he used to compete with LAN Dodgers, a team in which he played with his friends. s1mpel played against Blade his current coach's team and managed to impress everyone despite a loss. s1mpel also won many aiming events and beat many top players like Shox and Scream to gain some recognition.

In this around 2 hour long documentary many big esports personalities like Hiko, dev1ce, Sadokist, Thorin, his teammates and coach, his family talked about s1mple and their memories with him.

His parents were not very supportive of his plans to pursue gaming as a career. One day s1mpel's brother Aleksey called his mom and told his mother that he sent s1mple in a cab because he won a monitor, a tablet and some computer parts. His mom was shocked after hearing that and had a change in thinking of gaming as a career.

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Hiko and s1mple relationship:

s1mple had an close relationship with Hiko from early on in his career. When s1mple used to platy in team Flipside he asked for Hiko to stand in for his team in WECS Montreal. At that time Hiko didn't know or heard anything about Hiko, his teammates warned him about his hostile and toxic personality. But when Hiko first time met s1mple, he instantly felt the respect s1mple had for him and they both grew closer to each other and spent a lot of time together.

Hiko then joined Team Liquid and suggested the organisation to sign s1mple. Hiko then personally asked him to join the team, s1mple then after some hesitation tell his family that he is moving to America to play with team Liquid. This move was the most important part of his journey to become the player he is now, he became a proper esports athlete after joining Liquid.

s1mpel joined NAVI:

s1mple had some great success with Liquid, they managed to beat some of the world's best teams to reach the grand final of ESL Cologne 2016. Despite the great results with Liquid s1mple always felt homesick and missed his friends and families, after all s1mple was just a 17 year old kid staying on the other side of world alone.

Then in August of 2016 s1mpel signed with NAVI and the rest his history. S1mple has won 13 titles with Navi so far, with many big LAN titles like ESL One New York in October 2016, ESL One Cologne in July 2018, IEM Katowice in March 2020, and most recently, IEM Cologne in July 2021. S1mple was also elected as the worlds best player in 2018 by official CS:GO website.


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