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NAVI defeat Heroic in an epic semi-final of ESL Pro League Season 14

CIS roster and world no. 1 CS: GO team NAVI defeat Heroic 2-1 in an insane semi-final series. With this win NAVI moves into Grand finals of ESL Pro League Season 14 and will face French CS:GO roster Team Vitality in a best of series.

Navi vs Heroic

Heroic end up with a 3rd-4th finish in ESL Pro League Season 14 and won $55,000 ($30,000 + $25,000 for 5 group stage wins). Navi will now face Vitality which means the fans will get to see the top 2 players of the world go head to head, s1mple and zywOo.

Navi vs Heroic Semi-final ESL pro League 14-

Heroic were unbeatable going into this series and were carrying a lot of momentum after beating Liquid with an insane comeback. As for NAVI they were and are looking at their best, they demolished ENCE in quarterfinals.

Heroic had an insane 14 series win streak in ESL and were the champions of season 13. NAVI break this streak of Heroic to qualify for grand finals of ESL Pro League 14.

Map 1, Navi picked Mirage. Both these teams were neck to neck going into second half, Navi managed to gain a single round advantage over Heroic in first half. The story was same in second half and the map went to last round where Navi managed to win and took the map 16-14.

Map 2, Heroic picked Overpass. Again these teams were equally matched and Heroic was leading 8-7 in first half. NAVI managed to build a good lead late in second half, but Heroic managed to comeback and took their map pick 16-13 to tie the series 1-1.

Final and decider map of the series was Nuke. Score was 14-13 in favour of Heroic, NAVI were on force buy and were almost certain to loose the game if they lost that round. NAVI's IGL Boombl4 was struggling whole map but stepped up when it mattered the most and lead NAVI to with that round which caused Heroic's economy to broke. On the back of that insane round NAVI managed to win the map 16-14 and series 2-1.

navi vs heroic result semi final


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