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LOUD wins Valorant Champions 2022, beat Optic in grand finals

LOUD is the new Valorant Champions after winning the season 2 championship. LOUD defeated Optic Gaming 3-1 in the grand finals of VCT Champions to secure the world title. This is the first-ever international win for any Brazilian or South American team in Valorant.

LOUD wins Valorant Champions 2022, defeat optic in grand finals

LOUD will receive 300,000 USD from the million USD prize pool. But the participating teams will also receive prize money from the 8 million USD accumulated from the Champions skin collection.

LOUD vs Optic Gaming Grand Finals results: VCT Champions 2022

LOUD and Optic faced each other in the grand finals of Valorant Champions 2022 in a best of 5 series. These two teams once faced each other in the upper bracket final where LOUD won 2-1 to reach the grand finals. After that Opti defeated DRX in the lower final to secure their rematch against LOUD in the Grand Finals of Valorant Champions.

LOUD took the opening map of the series Ascent 15-13, Optic then tied the series by winning Bind 13-6. The third map of the series was the most important one and was a nail bitter, LOUD won Breeze 16-14 to secure a crucial 2-1 lead. LOUD then managed to win Haven 13-5 and won the series 3-1.

LOUD vs Optic has now become an international rivalry. Earlier this season Optic won 3-0 against LOUD in the grand finals of Reykjavik master. Then Optic eliminated LOUD from the Copenhagen Masters. LOUD has now finally taken their revenge after defeating Optic Gaming in the grand finals of Valorant 2022 Champions.

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