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IEM Dallas Playoffs today: Teams, Schedule and Results

IEM Dallas 2022 playoffs are starting on June 3rd, Friday. After the group stages of IEM Dallas, six teams moved onto the playoffs, four will compete in the quarterfinals whereas two group winners are already in the semi-finals.

IEM dallas playoffs result and schedule

IEM Dallas playoffs schedule and Results

The final 6 teams remaining in the IEM Dallas 2022 are -

  • ENCE

  • BIG

  • Faze

  • G2 Esports

  • Cloud 9

  • Furia

ENCE defeated world number 1 Faze Clan in the group A final to win their group and secured a spot in the semi-finals. BIG won group B after beating Furia in the group finals.

The 2nd and 3rd seeds from different groups will face each other in the quarterfinals and the winners will move onwards to the semi-finals where ENCE and BIG are waiting for them.


Date and Time




June 3 13:00 CDT

G2 Esprots



June 3 16:30 CDT

Cloud 9



June 4 13:00 CDT




June 4 16:30 CDT

Faze/Cloud 9


In the group stages, sixteen teams were divided into two groups of 8 teams each. Navi and Heroic were not able to attend tournament so they were replaced with other teams.

In the 2022 season so far, the new rosters of Vitality, Astralis and Liquid, despite having big names haven't found any sucess yet. In IEM Dallas, all these teams were eliminated from group stages. There are rumours flying that some roster change might be happening soon in these teams.


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