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IEM Cologne 2023 Playoffs Results and Schedule

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

IEM Cologne 2023 playoffs results and schedule

The IEM Cologne 2023 has reached its playoffs stage and the final 6 teams remain for the 1 million USD prize pool. The Quarterfinals will be played on August 4th and the Grand Final on August 6th.

IEM Cologne will be the last IEM of CSGO as the entire CSGO community will be moving onward from the next season to Counter-Strike 2.

IEM Cologne Playoffs Schedule and Results

In the quarterfinals of playoffs, Vitality and Astralis prevailed and secured their spot in the Semi-finals of IEM Cologne 2023. In the first quarterfinals, Team Vitality faced Cloud 9 in a thrilling series. Despite being a 2-0 the series was much closer, Vitality won Mirage 16-11 and Inferno 19-17 in overtime.

In the second quarterfinal, Heroic and Astralis faced each other. Despite being favorites, Heroic had a rough series and lost 2-0 to Astralis. Astralis comfortably won Ancient 16-7 and Inferno 16-11 to win the series.

Team Vitality will now face ENCE in the semi-finals and Astralis will face G2 Esports in the second semi-finals. Heroic and Cloud9 finished their tournament run with a 5th-6th place finish, $40,000 and 500 Blast premier points.

IEM Cologne Semi-Final Schedule

  • Vitality vs ENCE

  • G2 vs Astralis

IEM Cologne All Results

The IEM Cologne started with 24 teams, 16 play-in teams and 8 group stage teams. The IEM Cologne play-in started on July 26th. From the 16 teams 8 teams qualified for the playoffs and join the rest 8 teams.

The teams were divided into two groups of 8 teams each for the group stage, a double elimination style bracket. From each group three teams qualified for the playoffs of IEM Cologne 2023. In group A, ENCE won and qualified for the semi-finals whereas Heroic and Cloud9 qualified for the quarterfinals. In group B, G2 won and qualified for the semi-finals and, Vitality and Astralis qualified for the quarterfinals.

As for the winners and losers of IEM Cologne 2023, Team Liquid had a disappointing event as they got eliminated from the play-in stage. Faze clan also failed to qualify for the playoffs after losing in the group stage. Astralis is the unexpected team to qualify for the playoffs of IEM Cologne considering their roster is new. Astralis is the only team in playoffs that is not a directly qualified team for the IEM Cologne as per rankings.


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