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IEM Cologne 2022 grand finals today -Results, Schedule, Scores and Predictions

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

IEM Cologne 2022 has reached its playoffs stage, only 6 teams remain to compete for the title of Intel Extreme Masters season 17-Cologne and million dollar prize pool.

IEM Cologne playoffs results, schedule, scores

IEM Cologne 2022 NAVI vs FAZE: Finals Schedule and Results

The IEM Cologne 2022 has reached its final day. After around two weeks of action, the top 2 teams of the event will face each other in the grand finals. Faze Clan and Natus Vincere will play each other in the grand finals on July 17th, Sunday.

Navi beat Astralis 2-0, Nuke 16-8 and Mirage 19-17 in the semi-finals. In the second semi-final Faze won 2-0, Ancient 16-12 and Nuke 16-9 against Movistar Riders. World number one and two will face each other once again in a tier 1 tournament grand final.

IEM Cologne 2022 started with 24 teams, 16 play-in teams competed to reach the group stages for eight spots. Wight top seed teams were already placed in the group stage, they competed with the winners of play-ins to decide the teams qualifying for the playoffs. Three teams from each group qualified for playoffs, the winner of each group secured a spot in the semi-finals whereas the second and third seeds played each other in quarterfinals.

  • Faze

  • NAVI

  • Astralis

  • Mouz

  • Movistar Riders

  • Team Liquid

Faze and Navi won their groups and moved directly to the semi-finals. The other four teams in the playoffs are a big surprise, no one expected Movistar Riders and Mouz to reach the playoffs whereas Astralis and Team Liquid were also heavy underdogs.

Movistar Riders were the biggest storyline of this whole event. This was the best ever performance by the and Spanish team. They finished the IEM Cologne 202 with a 3rd-4th place finish. Movistar Riders started their journey in play-ins, in their epic journey, they beat teams like G2 esports, Vitality and team Liquid.

IEM Cologne 2022 Predicitons

The favorites to win the entire event were Faze and Navi, everyone was expecting them to face each other in the grand finals as the top seed in the event and world rankings. And here they are now to face each other in the grand finals on Sunday, July 17th.

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