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12 Tips And Tricks To Farm Primogems In Genshin Impact

Primogem is one of the most valuable items in Genshin Impact. It is used for wishing in banners and restoring resins. Character and weapon banner wish being the most common, you need to save a lot of primogems to wish in any of those banners. Additionally, it is not guaranteed that you get what you need. You need to unlock many characters if possible to make the best synergy team composition.

Game character holding the sword

It takes 14400 primogems or 90 Intertwined or Acquaint fate for guaranteed characters or weapon pull (excluding soft pity). If you have a high adventure rank it becomes challenging primogems farming. Whether you have a high or low rank this blog will guide you on how to farm primogems.

12 Easy Ways To Farm Primogems

  1. Spiral Abyss

Spiral Abyss is the quickest way to farm primogems. It gives you a total amount of 1800 primogems for levels 1 to 12. If you clear the abyss perfectly with 3 stars, you will receive 150 primogems for every level cleared. The Abyss level reset from level 9 to 12 twice a month that gives you 1200 primogems if you gain 3 stars at every level. However, you need adventure rank 20 and a high-level team to clear all the levels perfectly.

  1. Complete The Adventures Handbook

Adventures Handbook is given to all players after completion of the tutorial. This book contains sets of tasks that reward you with primogems after completion. The game has nine chapters that reward you with 50 to 150 primogems per chapter along with some artifacts and accession materials.

  1. Daily Commission

Daily Commission is available and refreshes every day and will reward you 10 primogems per task and an additional 20 primogems after completing all 4 tasks per day. It is best that you complete all 4 tasks every day. Doing so you can farm primogems much faster up to 1800 a month.

  1. Serenitea Pot

You can farm primogems by crafting furniture and level up your trust rank and each time you level up you can get 60 primogems. You have to reach adventure rank 35 and complete Archon Quest Chapter 1: Act 3 to unlock Serenitea Pot.

  1. Opening Chests

When you reach a high rank you will have nothing else to do and primogems farm can be quite difficult. So, one of the many options will be world exploration and opening chests. You can find many chests in Monstad, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru, and Fountain, and depending on the type of chest you can get primogems. Using a treasure compass you can get the location of every chest in Genshin Impact.

  1. Claiming Adventure Ranks

You can claim primogems after you reach a certain amount of adventure rank. Completing the story quest, archon quest, daily commission, and world quest gives you a large number of experience points. Through that, you can level up and get primogems much faster.

  1. Shrine Of Depths

Shrine of Depths gives you a load full of items including 40 primogems. There are a total of 10 shrines of depth in each region. Unlocking the Shrine of Depth requires a Shrine of Depths key which can be obtained through quests, upgrading the statue of the seven, adventure handbook, domains, and scared sakura.

  1. Trying Out Trial Characters

When a new 5-star playable character is added to the wishing banner you get a free trial for that character. You can get 20 primogems for trying 5-star characters. In every update, two 5-star characters are added to the banner which means you can get 40 primogems by just trying out the characters.

  1. World Quests

When you complete certain criteria i.e. reaching a certain location, completing a story quest, leveling up adventure rank, etc. The game will generate a quest called the world quest. World quest is given by NPC around the map which can take about 3 minutes to 10 minutes to complete. Completing a world quest rewards you with 20-60 primogems.

10. Story Quests And Hangout Events

Character story quests and hangout events give you many rewards including primogems. Story quest gives you 60 primogems after completion. However, hangout events give you 20 primogems in one sequence. If you clear all the possible endings then it rewards you a total of 60 primogems.

    11. Participating In Events

Participating in events is one of the best ways to farm primogems. Events can last from 2 weeks to 1 month, depending on the duration the primogems reward are distributed. From the survey, a low-duration event can get you a minimum of 280 primogems. On average 400 primogems can be farmed per event making it easier for the player.

   12. Completing Achievements

Genshin players complete their achievements either knowingly or unknowingly. The first sequence of achievement gives you 5 primogems. As you progress your achievements you get 20 primogems per quest. The sequence goes like 5 primogems, 10 primogems and 20 primogems per achievement. This sounds less but there are many achievements in the game which is a lot if you unlock all of it.

How To Buy Primogems

If your savings are not enough for your upcoming banner then you can buy primogems. There are 3 ways to buy primogems: 

  • Crystal Top-Up: Genesis Crystals

Genesis crystal is superior to primogem. You can buy character skin and primogems with Genesis crystal. You can exchange Genesis crystal with primogems in the wish menu. The exchange ratio is 1:1, which is 1 genesis crystal = 1 primogem. You can get a bonus Genesis crystal if it's your first time buying it.

  • Buy The Welkin Moon

Welkin Moon is the most efficient way to buy primogems. It gives you more primogems when compared to simply buying Genesis crystal. Buying Welkin Moon gives you 300 Genesis crystal and provide you with 90 primogems every day for 30 days. However, If you miss your daily login then you lose your 90 primogems and you cannot get a refund for it.

  • Buy The Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass

The paid battle pass Gnostic Hymn gives you 680 primogems and 4 intermediate fates which cost 640 primogems, in total it gives you 1320 primogems. If you want to buy Gnostic Hymn then it is recommended that you buy it after you have reached battle pass level 50. It will be a waste if you can't reach level 50 after buying it.

Wrapping Up

Genshin impact primogems farming is crucial for wishes and the best in-game experience. Despite the challenges at higher Adventure Ranks, efficient methods including Spiral Abyss, participating in events, and engaging in Daily Commissions can gather enough primogems. Exploring, opening chests, and unlocking Shrine of Depths also give rewards. According to the experts of CDR Writers Australia players are guaranteed a consistent supply of primogems through a calculated combination of daily tasks, event participation, and prudent spending.


What Does The Battle Pass Do?

The Battle Pass is a recurring Event unlocked at Adventure Rank 20. Once unlocked, players can complete various daily, weekly, and BP Period missions in order to gain Battle Pass XP, accession and upgrading material, fragile resin, and mora.

Why Is Energy Recharge Important?

The more you invest in energy recharge more quicker your elemental burst gets back. Elemental burst is the most powerful skill in a game a character could have. To get the best synergy among the skill elemental bursts is the key. So, energy recharge is important to have skill combinations ready.

Which Reaction Does The Most Damage?

Vaporize does the most damage among all reactions. When pyro meets hydro or vice versa vaporize can be triggered. 

Can You Erase Saved Data?

You can't erase saved data. Instead, you can create a new account and play from scratch.

How To Unlock Co-Op?

Once you reach adventure rank 16 you can unlock co-op mode and start playing with other players.

Who Is The Strongest Electro User In Genshin?

Raiden Shogun is the strongest electro-user in Genshin.


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