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G2 vs ENCE: IEM Cologne Grand Final Preview 2023

The IEM Cologne Grand Finals matchup is decided, G2 Esports will face ENCE in the finals. The grand final of IEM Cologne will be played today, August 6th. G2 and ENCE will play a best of 5 series in the final for $400K prize money and direct qualification to IEM Katowice 2024.

IEM Cologne grand final, g2 vs ence preview

G2 vs ENCE Grand Final Preview: IEM Cologne 2023

In the semi-finals of IEM Cologne, ENCE faced Vitality for a grand final spot. This best-of-3 series was very intense as ENCE won 2-1, Mirage 16-14, Nuke 14-16 and Vertigo 16-7.

In the second semi-finals, G2 beat Astralis 2-1. G2 had a dominant showing and won Ancient 16-12 and Inferno 16-9.

G2 and ENCE were clearly the two best teams of the tournament as neither of them have lost a series entering into the grand finals. Astralis and Heroic finished their IEM Cologne run with a 3rd-4th place finish, $80,000 and 1200 Blast Points.


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