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G2 Esports win Blast Premier World 2022, beat Liquid in Grand Finals

G2 Esports is the Blast Premier World Final 2022 Champions. G2 defeated Team Liquid 2-0 in the grand finals and won 500K USD from the prize pool of million USD. G2'smONESY was named the tournament MVP.

G2 wins Blast Premier World Finals , beat Liquid in grand finals.

The Blast Premier World Finals was the final event of 2022 and wrapped up this CSGO season. This was a very important tournament win for the whole G2 Team. It was their first team win since 2017, the first tier-1 tournament victory for mONESY, Hunter and Hooxi. JKS won his second trophy this year, first he won Major with Faze and now Blast Worlds. Hooxi lost his father couple of days before the event, it was a very emotional journey for him and the whole team.

G2 vs Liquid: Blast premier Grand Finals Results-

G2 and Team Liquid faced each other in the grand finals of Blast premier World Finals 2022. Both these team started their event in group A and qualified for the quarterfinals. G2 beat Vitality and Faze to reach grand finals, whereas Liquid defeated Navi and OG to secure their spot in the grand finals.

In the grand finals of Blast Premier World Finals, G2 won 2-0 - Inferno 16-7 and Mirage 16-12 to win the tournament.

Blast Premier World Finals Leaderboard, Results and Prizepool-

The Blast World Finals had a million USD prize pool and was divided among all 8 participating teams.


G2 Esports



Team Liquid



Faze Clan, OG Esprots



Team Vitality, Natus Vincere



Outsiders, Heroic



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