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G2 esports complete their CSGO roster by signing Aleskib and moNESY

G2 esports new csgo roster, g2 sing Aleksib and monsey

G2 esports has completed their csgo team by singing Aleksib as their in game leader from OG esports. Earlier this month G2 also singed the 16 year old Russian prodigy moNESY from Navi junior and also signed the former Vitality coach XTQZZZ as their head coach who will be replacing maLek, maLek is now the head coach for Evil Geniuses. This roster will be debuting on Friday, Jan 28th against Complexity in Blast Premier Spring groups.

G2 parted ways with Nexa and traded him to OG esports for Aleskib, both these teams replaced their in game leaders to build their new rosters. G2 also benched Amanek and kennyS and signed moNESY. He is considered and called as the next s1mple of csgo by fans and analysts. His potential is unmatched in the csgo scene, G2 will be his first team in tier 1 csgo.

The roster change of G2 esports was not a surprise for fans, the former team had the highest peaks but also lowest lows. They lacked consistency through out the year, this was the major problem for this roster. While the G2 finished the 2021 season with a world rank of #2, the team failed to win the big trophies and tournaments. They failed to convert many finals appearance into tournament win.

New G2 esports csgo roster -

  • Niko


  • Hunter-

  • moNSEY

  • Aleksib (IGL)

  • XTQZZZ (head coach)

Expectations from G2's new roster-

By considering G2's previous years performance and result, G2 will be aiming to be the best team in world. Previous year they failed to finish the tournaments as a win in despite appearing in many finals, they lost many grand finals against NAVI. This year they will be looking to overtake the challenges of NAVI and will be targeting the throne of NAVI as worlds best.

On paper this team looks strong but in reality this team will take some time to perform well together. Language and communication barrier will be an issue in this team as G2 is going completely international. The new coach XTQZZZ will also need to work on his English to command the team at full potential.


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