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FPX wins VCT Copenhagen Masters, beat PRX in grand finals

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

FPX is the VCT Stage 2 Copenhagen Masters 2022, they defeat Paper Rex 3-2 in the grand finals and took the title of Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters. FPX won 200,000 USD as the grand prize, Paper Rex took 120,000 USD.

FPX won VCT Copenhagen masters beat paper rex in the grand finals

FunPlus Phoenix had their international debut in Copenhagen and managed to win the event. They were able to qualify for the VCT Iceland Masters but didn't manage to attend due to travel restrictions.

FPX vs PRX: VCT Copenhagen Grand Finals Results

EMEA roster of FPX won the VCT Copenhagen Masters by defeating South East Asia's Paper Rex 3-2 in an insanely close best of 5 grand finals series.

  • Bind 13-3

  • Icebox 7-13

  • Fracture 13-7

  • Haven 7-13

  • Breeze 13-9

Both FPX and Paper Rex are qualified for the VCT 2022 Champions which will be hosted by Istanbul, Turkey. They both secured top spot in their regional VCT leaderboard.

Paper Rex had a clean run in the upper bracket of VCT masters playoffs, they won all their matchups before the finals and beat Optic in the upper final to reach the grand finals. On the other hand, FPX lost their opening playoffs game and dropped down to lower bracket where they had an insane run, and finally won the entire event.

This performance by Paper Rex is the best by any Asian team in Valorant Champions Tour history. FPX's Suygetsu was named the grand final's MVP, he had a miraculous run. He was only able to attend the event from the playoffs due to his travel issues. He didn't play in the group stages and joined the FPX in playoffs and dominated the entire way.

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