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Fnatic beat X10 esports in lower bracket | VCT Masters 2 day 4

Fnatic took on X10 esports in lower brackets round 2 matchup. Fnatic took the series convincingly with a score of 2-0.

European roster Fnatic will now face Version 1 in lower bracket round 3, whereas sadly Thai team X10 esports are eliminated from the tournament. Fnatic came in this matchup after a lost by Sentinels in upper bracket whereas X10 defeated Crazy Racoon before this matchup.

Fnatic vs X10 review and map picks-

As everyone was expecting this series was a 2-0 in favour of Fnatic as they were the favourites in this matchup. Split and Bind were banned and Ascent was the decider map which was not needed to be played.

Map 1 Icebox-

Fnatic picked Icebox to go against X10, they dominated this map from round 1 and won 13-4 behind 20 frags of Mistic's viper.

Map 2 Haven-

X10 choose Haven as their map pick. while they had a good start as they wo pistol round and had a score of 3-0, they failed to convert it into big lead and lost their map pick and series. Final score was 13-9 in favour of Fnatic, Doma had 21 kills for them.


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