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Faze wins ESL Pro League Season 15, defeat ENCE in grand finals

ESL Pro League grand finals result

Faze Clan are the ESL Pro League season 15 champions, Faze bead ENCE 3-1 in grand finals of ESL Pro League to claim the title. Faze won $190,000 and a direct spot in Blast Premier World Finals 2022.

This is the back to back tournament victory for Faze Clan, they won IEM Katowice 2022 in February and now ESL Pro League 15. This makes them very close to lift the Intel Grand Slam 4, they now need 2 more event win from upcoming ESL Pro Tour events for the Grand Slam and $1 million USD. Despite loosing in finals, ENCE's Spinx is name ESL Pro League season 15 MVP.

Faze wins ESL Pro League 15, beat ENCE in final

Faze vs ENCE : ESL Pro League final result-

Faze and ENCE faced each other in the grand finals of ESL Pro League season 15. They already faced each other once in group B matchup where ENCE take down Faze 2-1. Group B of the pro league was without a doubt the toughest group, Faze barely managed to qualify for playoffs and solid teams like Vitality, Outsiders (VP) were eliminated from group B.

Along with the toughest group stages, Faze also had the toughest playoffs run - they defeated Gambit, NAVI and Furia on their way to grand finals. On the other hand ENCE bet Fnatic, Movistar Riders and NiP in their playoff run.

The grand finals was a BO5 series. First map was Vertigo which Faze took 16-11 convincingly. Second map of the series was Overpass, down 5-10 at the half time Faze managed to comeback and force overtime, but ENCE managed to closeout this map 19-16 and tied the series 1-1. Faze then won back to back maps - Mirage 16-9 and Dust II 16-12 and took a 3-1 win in the grand finals.

Faze's IEM Katowice victory was somewhat considered a fluke and underperformance of other teams but this pro league victory has now cemented Faze Clan as the top team in the world. They are now on the verge to displace NAVI as the official world #1 team. Since they signed Ropz, Faze looked a completely different team and is now definitely the team to beat.


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