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Faze Clan win ESL Pro League 17, beat Cloud 9 in the finals

Faze Clan are the ESL Pro League Season 17 champions. Faze defeated Cloud 9 in the grand finals of the ESL Pro League and completed their grand slam run. Faze with this win got 200K USD, a direct spot in IEM Cologne and Blast World Finals.

Faze wins ESL Pro League 17, beat Cloud9 in grand finals

Faze vs Cloud9 Result: ESL Pro League Grand Final

On March 26th, 2023, Faze Clan and Cloud 9 faced each other in the grand finals of ESL Pro League season 17.

The final were a best of 5 series, the first map was Overpass which Faze won 16-13, second map Inferno 16-9 also went to Faze. In the do-or-die map Cloud 9 took a 16-11 victory on Mirage. Faze then won the fourth map Ancient 16-11 and took the series. Faze won the grand finals 3-1 and became the ESL Pro League Season 17 Champions.

Faze Clan's Ropz won the MVP award for ESL Pro League Season 17.

Faze won Intel Grand Slam season 4

After winning the ESL Pro League Season 17, Faze clan completed their run to become Intel Grand Slam season 4 champions. Faze won IEM Katowice 2022, ESL Pro League 15, IEM Cologne 2022 and ESL Pro League 17 to complete this run. Faze won 1 million USD for winning the Grand Slam.

Faze will be written off as the last team to win a CS:GO grand slam since from 2024 the game will be shifting to counter-strike 2 after Major.

Team Faze's Twistzz also became the first and only player to ever become two times Intel Grand Slam Champion. He first won with Team Liquid and now with Faze Clan.


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