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Faze Clan became IEM Katowice 2022 champion, beat G2 in Grand Final

Faze win IEM Katowice 2022, beat G2 3-0 in grand final

Faze beat G2 esports to win the title of IEM Katowice 2022. G2 and Faze played one of the most intense grand final of IEM Katowice on Sunday where Faze stood on top and became the IEM Katowice champion. Faze won the final with a 3-0 clean sweep over G2 Esports and didn't dropped a single map in entire playoff run.

Faze after winning IEM Katowice won $400,000 US , Pro tour and Blast Premier leaderboard points which puts them currently on top. G2 being the runner up of IEM Katowice, won $180,000 USD + leaderboard points. No one expected the Faze to reach grand finals not alone win it. Faze was a new roster with a stand-in playing for them. First ropz was absent and when ropz returned sadly Rain got sick, but their stand-in JKS filled both these holes and had an insane tournament to help Faze become champions. Broky was named IEM Katowice 2022 MVP with an average rating of 1.25 across the event.

Faze vs G2 IEM Katowice Grand Final result-

Faze and G2 demolished everyone in the playoffs, both of them didn't dropped a single map in quarter and semi finals. G2 were the favourites going into this matchup with the insane forms of their individual players.

Grand Finals was a BO 5 series, Faze picked Inferno as the first map of the series. G2 were 15-7 ahead on the Faze's map pick, their victory was almost certain. But Faze showed insane mental toughness and took 12 straight rounds to win the map in overtime 19-15. This was one of the most insane comeback in the grand finals.

Second map was G2's pick, Mirage. This time it was a same story but for different team. It was Faze who had a large lead of 14-6 on this map but failed to close it out in regulation. G2 made an insane comeback to force the overtime, from their this map became one of the greatest map of the event. Both these team traded round after round to play whopping 5 overtimes where Faze outlasted the G2 and won 31-27 to gain a 2-0 lead in series.

IEM Katowice final playoff result, Faze beat g2 3-0 in grand final and win IEM Katowice 2022

Third map of the series was Dust 2 and was do or die map for G2 Esports. Both teams were tied 14-14 and again made it so to play all the 30 round in third map as well. 29th round was very important round for this series, Faze managed to won this round but most importantly broke the G2's economy which force G2 to play the final round on a broken buy with just two guns. Faze this time close out the map 16-14 and won the series 3-0 and became IEM Katowice Champion.

The next big tournament will be ESL Pro League season 15 starting on Match 9th, all these big names will play in that event also.


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