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ESL Pro League 15 Playoffs - Teams, Schedule, Matchups and more

ESL Pro League season 15 group stage has ended after around a month of CSGO action. 12 teams moved to playoffs of ESL Pro League which will start on April 5th, Tuesday. Out of the 12 teams, 4 are directly placed in quarterfinals as they were the group winners of their respective groups and the rest 8 teams will play in round 12.

CSGO ESL pro league group stages result

ESL Pro League group stages final result-

In season 15 of ESL Pro League a total of 24 teams participated, they were divided into 4 groups of 6 teams each. Top 3 teams from each group moved on to playoffs while the rest got eliminated. There were some major upsets and elimination from the group stage like elimination of G2, Vitality and Outsiders from groups stages. While Movistar Riders surprised everyone as they remain undefeated in group C and moved directly to quarterfinals. NiP, Furia, Movistar Riders and NAVI won their respective groups to move on to quarterfinals. Movistars and NAVI are the only two teams who are still undefeated in the event.

ESL Pro League playoffs schedule and matchups-

ESL Pro League season 15 playoffs are starting on April 5th, round of 12 will be first played to decide the remaining 4 teams for quarterfinals. On day 1 of playoffs Fnatic will face ENCE in opening series, their winner will move on to quarterfinal to play Movistar Riders. In the second matchup of the day Faze Clan will play against Players for the spot against NAVI in quarterfinals.

csgo esl pro league 15 playoffs schedule and matchups

Day 2 will feature reaming round of 12 matchups Heroic vs Liquid and Entropiq vs Astralis, whereas the quarterfinals will begin from April 7th. Grand Finals of the ESL Pro League 15 will be played in April 10th, Sunday.


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