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BOOM Esports qualify for VCT 2022 Champions | APAC LCQ results

BOOM Esports wins APAC Last Chance Qualifiers, and have now secured the final spot from South East Asia in the VCT 2022 Champions in Istanbul.

In the APAC LCQ 2022, 9 teams from the leaderboard (rank 3 to rank 11) and one team from the Oceanic tour. From the SEA region, Paper Rex and Xerxia are already in the VCT 2022 Masters and are now joined by BOOM Esports to represent South East Asia.

VCT APAC Last Chance qualifiers

BOOM vs ONIC APAC LCQ Grand Final Results-

Indonesian rivals BOOM esports and ONIC esports faced each other in the grand finals to secure the last spot in VCT Champions 2022.

BOOM had a clear run in the upper bracket to reach the finals, in their path to finals they already once faced and won against ONIC in the upper semi-finals. ONIC managed to climb through lower bracket to secure their rematch against BOOM in the grand finals of APAC LCQ 2022.

BOOM managed to win the series wit ha 3-1 score, but in reality the series was much more closer than the final score. Each map was a nail bitter, BOOM won Bind 13-10, Haven 14-12 and Icebox 13-11, whereas ONIC won Fracture 13-11.


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