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Blast Premier Fall Final results Day 1 | Blast Fall Finals Day 2 schedule

Blast Premier Fall Finals 2021 opening day had 4 upper bracket quarterfinals series. Vitality, Heroic, Navi and Astralis won their quarterfinals game to move onto upper bracket semi-finals. Second day will have 2 series between these four teams in upper bracket semi-finals.

blast premier fall finals 2021 results and schedule

Blast Premier Fall Finals Day 1 results-

Opening game of the Fall Finals was in between Vitality and Team Liquid. Vitality won the series 2-0 (Mirage 16-10, Dust 2 16-7). Second series was Heroic vs Faze, while result of the series was one sided, in reality it was much more closer than the score. Heroic won the series 2-0 (Mirage 16-14, Nuke 16-13).

In third series of the day world no. 1 and major winner Navi faced BIG. Navi was favourite to win the series and they did that. Navi dominated BIG and won the series 2-0 (Dust 2 16-4, Nuke 16-11). Final series of the day was in between NIP and new Astralis. It was debut series for blameF and Konfig with Astralis. They defeated NiP 2-0 (Nuke 16-7, Overpass 19-16).

Winner of the quarterfinals will face each other in upper bracket semi-finals. Navi will face Heroic and Vitality will face Astralis in upper bracket semi-finals. The losers of day 1 are dropped down to lower bracket where they will fight for their survival in elimination games. Faze will face BIG and NiP will face Liquid in lower bracket round 1 of Blast Premier Fall Finals 2021.

Blast Premier Fall Final 2021 Day 2 Schedule-

Second day of Fall Finals will feature two upper bracket series on Thursday, November 25th. First matchup will be Navi vs Heroic at 15:00 CET and second matchup will be Vitality vs Astralis at 17:00 CET.

blast premier fall final 2021 results and schedule

The winner of upper bracket semi-finals will move on to upper bracket finals while the losers will drop down in lower bracket round 2.


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