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BIG defeat Furia to win Gamers Without Borders 2021

BIG beat Furia Esports 2-1 in grand finals of Gamers Without Borders 2021. It was an charity event and all teams donated their winning to their selected charity.

8 teams participated in this event which was decided by direct invitation by organisers of tournament.


Group Stages-

Group A

  1. ENCE

  2. mousesports

  3. Ninjas in Pyjamas

  4. MIBR

Group B

  1. BIG

  2. FURIA Esports

  3. FaZe Clan

  4. Dignitas

Top 2 teams from each group moved on to semi finals.


ENCE faced Furia in first Semi Finals where Furia won it 2-1 to move on to Finals. BIG faced Mousesports in second semi finals and won it 2-1 to face Furia in grand Finals.

It was an intense final series as it went all 3 maps and all 3 maps were super close. In the end BIG took the series 2-1 to win 600,000 USD for their charity.

  • Map 1 Mirage 16-14 Furia

  • Map 2 Inferno 16-19 BIG

  • Map 3 Vertigo 20-22 BIG

Prize Pool and Charity-

It was a 1.5 million USD prize pool and all the prize money was donated to selected charities by teams.


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