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BetBoom Dacha Playoffs Results and Schedule | Final 3 team remain

Updated: Feb 15

The playoffs of BetBoom Dacha 2024 started on February 12th. In playoffs, 8 teams are competing for the million-dollar prizepool. The winner of BBD 2024 will get $400,000 USD in winning.

BetBoom Dacha 2024 results playoffs

BetBoom Dacha Playoffs Result: Final 3 teams

The BBD 2024 is in its final stage and only three teams remain. On the second last day of the tournament, Team Falcons and BetBoom faced each other in the upper bracket finals. Team Falcons won 2-1 and qualified for the Grand Finals of the BBD Dubai 2024. BetBoom will now play in the lower bracket for a second chance to qualify for the final.

In the lower bracket, Team Liquid and Azure Ray faced each other in the elimination match. This series was one-sided in favor of Team Liquid, they won 2-0 and eliminated Azure Ray from the tournament. Team Liquid will now face BetBoom in the lower bracket final on the last day of BBD. On the other hand, Azure Ray are eliminated with a 4th place finish and $60,000.

BetBoom Dacha Final Day:

The Final of BBD 2024 will be played on February 14th. First the lower bracket finals will be played and after that the grand finals will be played.

BBD 2024 Playoffs Schedule-

  • BetBoom vs Team Liquid: Lower bracket final

  • Falcons vs TBD: Grand Finals

BetBoom Dacha 2024 Leaderboard and Prizepool

The BBD 2024 has a grand prize pool of 1 million which will be divided among the 12 participating teams.











Azure Ray



Team Spirit, GG



LGD, Xtreme



Aurora, VP, nouns, OG


BBD 2024 Quarterfinals Results

On the first day, 4 upper bracket quarterfinals were played. Here are the results of Day 1 of BBD 2024 Playoffs.

  • BetBoom Team defeated LGD Gaming 2-0 to begin their playoff journey. The home team despite being somewhat of an underdog had a very comfortable win against LGD Gaming in the quarterfinals.

  • Gaimin Gladiators beat Team Spirit 2-0. This was a rematch of TI 12 grand finals and a matchup between world's top 2 teams. GG took the revenge for TI 12 loss and eliminated Spirit to the lower bracket.

  • Team Falcons won 2-0 against Xtreme Gaming. The new star team from MENA is getting in form as they continue their hot streak to move on to the semi-finals of upper bracket.

  • In the final Quarterfinal, Azure Ray beat Team Liquid 2-1. Azure Ray players took revenge for the 1v1 mid-tournament loss against Nisha.

The winning teams move onto the upper bracket semi-final where BetBoom and GG will play each other and Falcons will face Azure Ray. On the other hand the losing teams are dropped down to the lower bracket where they will fight for their tournament lives.


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