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Best Genshin Impact Characters from Each Element | Best DPS in Genshin Impact

Genshin character is currently the biggest and most popular Gacha game. Its versatility has attracted players from every different taste. And one aspect of the Genshin Impact which attracted the most players is the playable characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact currently has 79 characters (as of February 2024), the game has 7 elements and every character has one element as their vision(elemental power). These are the best characters from each element in the game, we have listed both the best 5-star as well as 4-star characters from each element in this list.

*Please keep in mind this list is our opinion and all the characters are rated based on their C0 capabilities.

Genshin Impact best characters

Best Characters from Every Element in Genshin Impact -

We have listed our picks for best 5 star and best 4 star characters as well as some honorable mentions.


Kazuha (5 star)

Kazuha, since his release has been the best Anemo character if not the best character in the whole game. He excels in buffing team damage, grouping enemies as well resistance shred by holding Viridescent Venerer artifact set. Along with his insane supporting capabilities, he also provides very good AOE damage whether you build him with DPS stats or Full Elemental Mastery support stats.

Xianyun is also a great Anemo character as she unlocks a new playstyle in the game and is the most unique character in the whole game. Xiao and Wanderer are solid Anemo DPS.

Sucrose (4 star)

Sucrose has been in the game from day 1 and has always been a great Anemo support. She provides decent grouping, EM buff and is a great VV holder to reduce the enemy resistance.

Heizou is a decent character for getting high damage numbers and a satisfactory playstyle.


Navia (5star)

Navia, despite being the newest Geo character has become the best one. Her versatility makes her better than a character like Itto. She is a great quick swap DPS which doesn't force you to play mono geo teams.

Zhongli, the Geo Archon is the best shielder in the game and also provides damage bonus by decreasing elemental resistance.

Noelle (4star)

Noelle is a solid on-field DPS, Healer and shielder but not too great. Arguably all the 4 star characters from Geo are underwhelming. A character like Gorou is good in his niche but is very limiting.


Raiden Shogun (5 star)

The Electro Archon is currently the best electro character in the game. She has good Damage, Team energy recharge, increases team damage as well as great electro application for reactions.

Yae Miko is another solid Electro character that got better with the release of Dendro element and Quicken reaction.

Fischl (4 star)

Fischl is still a great electro character from the start of the game. Provide solid off field damage and energy particles. Kuki Shinobu is also a great character as she along with healing provides a great way to trigger electro reactions.


Nahida (5 star)

The Dendro Archon is the most valuable Dendro unit in the Genshin Impact. She provides great Dendro application, EM buff for team and great damage. Her Dendro application is the most important part of her kit.

Al Haitham is the best DPS from Dendro and Baizhu is the best Dendro healer with damage boosting capabilities capabilities

YaoYao (4 star)

She provides good healing and dendro application. The 4 star lineup for Dendro is underwhelming as there is not any great Dendor 4 star in Genshin Impact currently.


Furina (5 star)

The Hydro Archon Furina is the best character of not only Hdyro but of the whole game. She provides damage bonus to the entire team, decent hydro application, healing, off field damage and the ability for anyone to use the Marechaussee Hunter Artifact set.

Hydro is without a doubt the best element in game and every Hydro character is great at its job. Neuvillette is the best Hydro on field DPS and Yelan is the best off-field DPS, both of these characters provide great Hydro application.

Xingqiu (4 star)

He has the best off-field hydro application and good damage for a 4 star. They are very low number of hydro 4 star in game, this element is filled with great 5-star characters.


Hutao (5 star)

Hutao is a great DPS character and is still one of the best single target DPS in Genshin Impact. With the addition of new characters like Furian and Xianyun, her power level has increased much more than before.

Lyney and Yoimiya are also good single target DPS characters. The pyro 5 star lineup lack a good support character.

Bennett (4 star)

Bennett is without a doubt the best support character in the game for any attack scaling character. He provides great healing and a very high attack boost to the on-field character, he is very easy to build.

Xiangling is also a great Pyro 4 star and provides an absurd amount of damage in an AOE close to top tier 5 star characters.


Ayaka (5 star)

The best Cryo character in the game, provides great damage as well as easy to play kit with the use of Freeze reaction. Ganyu is also a solid DPS but can be boring and annoying to play. The Cryo element has not gotten any great characters for a while and it is suspected that the Hoyoverse is waiting for the release of Snezhnaya for the top tier Cryo characters.

Layla (4 star)

Layla is a very strong shielder and makes game easier. Kaeya and Rosaria are good off-field damage dealers.


Which is the Best Character in Genshin Impact?

Furian has recently taken the title of best character in the game according to many players and content creators. Her versatility as gives her an edge over other characters, she provides insane damage bonuses to the entire team, good hydro application, healing, HP drain mechanism which allows any character to use the Marechaussee Hunter Artifact set.

Here are some other top-tier characters in Genshin Impact-

  • Kazuha

  • Yelan

  • Neuvillette

  • Bennett

  • Xiangling

  • Xingqiu

  • Al Haitham

This list is not in any order of their value and power level.

Which is the BEST DPS Character in Genshin Impact?

Here are the best on-field DPS characters in Genshin Impact-

  • Neuvillette

  • Hu Tao

  • Lyney

  • Al Haitham

  • Navia

  • Ayaka

  • Wanderer

  • Tighnari

  • Itto

  • Xiao

This list is not in any order of their power level.


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