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100T qualifies for VCT Champions 2022, defeat The Guard in VCT NA LCQ finals

100 Thieves beat The Guards 3-0 in the grand finals of VCT NA LCQ and are now qualified for the VCT 2022 Champions. VCT NA Last Chance Qualifiers had 8 teams from the VCT NA leaderboard ranked 3 to 10, they all competed for the one single spot in VCT Champions 2022.

VCT NA CLQ results, 100T wins and qualifies for VCT Champions 2022

100T vs Guards Grand Finals results: VCT NA LCQ 2022

The Guard faced 100T in the best of 5 grand finals on Sunday, August 14th. This series was the decider for the last North American spot in VCT Champions 2022. Guard beat Faze 2-0 in the upper final to reach the grand finals, then 100T defeated Faze 3- in the lower final to secure their spot in the grand finals of VCT NA LCQ.

The Grand finals were a one-sided story that no one expected. 100 Thieves dominated the Guard in the entire grand finals and clean swept the series 3-0. 100T won Icebox 13-7, Fracture 13-6 and Haven 13-9.

100 Thieves now joins Optic Gaming and XSET to represent North America in the Valorant 2022 Championship in Istanbul. Turkey. The Champions will start on September 2nd and 16 teams will compete for the title of the 2022 Valorant Champions Tour Championship.


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