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100T beat XSET, qualifies for Berlin Masters | VCT NA Challengers Playoffs

100 Thieves followed Sentinel's footsteps to qualify for Berlin Masters. They beat XSET 2-0 in upper bracket semi-finals to move into Upper bracket finals. After this win 100T secured a top 3 finish in NA stage 3 Challengers Playoffs and secured one out of three NA spots in Berlin Masters.

The Reykjavik Masters winner Sentinels were the clear favourites to come out on top of the North American region, it was so certain that teams stated that it felt like they were competing for 2 spots among the other 7 teams. 100T managed to get one of those Spots in Berlin which leaves only one spot open for 6 remaining teams.

100T vs XSET VCT NA Challengers Playoffs Result-

After beating Faze Clan 2-0 in first round of upper bracket, 100T faced XSET (who defeated Luminosity 2-0) in Upper bracket semi-finals. The winner of this game had the opportunity to play in Berlin Masters, while the looser would have dropped down to lower bracket.

This series was considered to be very close as both the teams were equally strong and had a great showing in Challengers 1.

Map 1, XSET picked Haven to face 100T. After an dominating first half XSET was leading the map 9-3, but 100T had some other intentions in second half as they pulled an insane comeback to win the map 13-11.

Map 2, 100T picked Ascent as their map pick, they started strong and had an strong lead in first half with a score of 8-4. 100T managed to convert this lead into the map win and took this map with same score line of 13-11 and the series 2-0. Both games were super close and were only 1 round off for Overtime.

100T will now face Sentinels in upper bracket finals t0 fight for a spot in grand finals of Stage 3 Challengers playoffs. Sentinels are also qualified for Berlin Masters as they beat Envy 2-0 in upper bracket semi-finals to secure a top 3 finish. XSET are now dropped to lower bracket where they will face winner of game between Rise and TSM in an elimination series.


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