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Vision Strikers qualifies for Berlin Masters | VCT Korea Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs

Vision Strikers after beating TNL esports qualifies for Berlin Masters, they are the first team to qualify for stage 3 masters. VS won their Semi-Final game against TNL 2-0 to secure a top 2 finish in VCT Korea Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs and took the one out of only two Korea spots in Berlin Masters.

VS vs TNL result : Semi-Final Korea Challengers Playoffs-

Vision Striker faced TNL esports in the first semi-final of Stage 3 Challengers playoffs. This series was very important for both the teams as the winner will be going to Berlin Masters and the looser will be out of the Challengers Playoffs and Road to Berlin Masters.

Game 1, VS picked Bind as their map pick and showed everyone that why they picked this map. After first half VS was leading 7-5 in a very close map but in second half VS went on a 6-0 run, TNL had no answers against their defence. VS easily took their map pick 13-5 to took a 1-0 lead in series over TNL.

Game 2, TNL picked Ascent to go against VS. It was again looking good going into second half as the score was tied at 6-6 after first half. But in second half VS dominated in their attack side and TNL had no answer to stop them. VS dominated second half with a score of 7-1 and took the map 13-7, and the series 2-0.

Vision Striker qualifies for Berlin Masters-

After winning the semi-final against TNL, VS are now in the finals of Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs and secured a top 2 finish, therefore they are now the first team to qualify for Berlin Masters as they are 2 spots for Korea in stage 3 masters.

They will now compete with 15 other teams from all around the world for the title of Stage 3 masters and a chance to be called world's best. Berlin Masters will be starting from September 9, and the winning team will qualify to VCT 2021 Champions.


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