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VCT Tokyo Masters 2023 all teams and VCT International League results

The VCT 2023 International Leagues have finished, and we have all the teams competing in the VCT Tokyo Master 2023. In VCT masters 12 teams from 4 regions will compete for the million USD prizepool.

vct tokyo masters teams and schedule

VCT Tokyo Master Schedule

The 2023 VCT Tokyo Masters starts on 11th June. The group stage will be played for the 3 days and then the playoffs will begin from June 16th.

VCT Tokyo Masters: Group Stage

The group stage will have 8 teams competing for 4 spots in playoffs. The teams are divided into two groups of 4 teams each. The group sate will be double elimination and the top 2 teams from each group will move onto the playoffs.

Group A

  • NRG

  • NAVI

  • EDward Gaming

  • T1

Group B

  • DRX

  • Attacking Soul Esports

  • FUT Esports

  • Evil Geniuses

VCT Tokyo Masters All Teams and Leagues Result

In VCT Tokyo Masters 2023, 12 teams from 4 different regions qualified through the VCT International leagues.

VCT EMEA League Results-

From the EMEA region, 4 teams qualified for the Tokyo Masters. Team Liquid won the League and secured the top seed and a direct spot in the playoffs of Masters along with Fnatic. FUT Esports and Navi also qualified for the Tokyo masters from EMEA.

VCT Americas League Results-

From the American region, three teams will play in the Masters Tokyo. LOUD won the League and is in the playoffs of the Masters. NRG and Evil Geniuses qualified for the group stage of Tokyo Masters.

VCT Pacific League Results-

From the Pacific region, three teams qualified for the Tokyo Masters. Paper Rex won the League and as the top seed qualified for the playoffs of Masters. DRX and T1 qualified for the group stage of Tokyo Masters.

FCG Invitational-

From the China region, two teams qualified for the group stage of Tokyo Masters. Attacking Soul Esports and EDward Gaming will be representing China in Tokyo Masters 2023.


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